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Helping You Navigate Life's Challenges to Experience and Celebrate Your Unique, Extraordinary Self.

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Lighthouse Life Coaching is here for everyone and includes a focus on the unique struggles of adult gay men and

adult trans people.

How Can We Help You?

We use approaches and techniques drawn from the behaviour change and psychology fields, allying with you to overcome obstacles, blocks, and insecurities, and helping you establish and maintain healthy habits for life.

With a Life & Wellness Coach you will become more resilient, increase your confidence, organize your thoughts and emotions, be more optimistic, set and maintain your boundaries, and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we can work with you to choose who and what you want to be NOW and AFTER the pandemic.

Life coaching is a partnership that is a thought-provoking and creative process, inspiring, focusing, and motivating you to maximize your personal potential.

This partnership is also designed to facilitate the creation and development of professional goals and to explore, develop, and carry out strategies and plans for achieving those goals.


Patrick Buckley MSOP, CLWC
Personal - Genuine - Innovative

Patrick Buckley, Certified Life & Wellness Coach, can help you find your way. 

​     ​Every person has a unique history, a challenging present, and an interesting future. ​My diverse experience, innovativeness, and creativity are here to help you along your journey while you explore your continuing story. ​Together we will explore ways to traverse life's challenges and to celebrate your extraordinary, beautiful self. ​

     Using a holistic approach, I include, incorporate, and adapt many different life and wellness coaching systems to help you navigate the often overwhelming choices available to you. This diversity helps you function in a way that promotes wellness throughout your entire life.   Mind - Body - Spirit  A flexible, individual, fluid approach and process always leads to amazing results.

Let's work together to :

  • Discover and break through your blocks and limiting beliefs

  • Clarify your career desires, choices, and options

  • Find ways to set and maintain your boundaries

  • Create personal, attainable health and wellness visions that excite and motivate you

  • Determine ways for you to be more optimistic, positive, and resilient

​Contact me to experience the fascinating life you have been seeking.


12 Session Package with Patrick Buckley CLWC

12 - 45 Minute Sessions - $1,080

($90 per session - save $120) Zoom, Telephone, or In Person 

6 Session Package with Patrick Buckley CLWC

6 - 45 minute Sessions - $570.00

($95 per session - save $30) Zoom, Telephone, or In Person  

Single Session with Patrick Buckley CLWC

One 45 Minute Session - $100

Zoom, Telephone, or In Person 

90 Minute Sessions with Patrick Buckley CLWC

Scheduling and Pricing Available upon request 

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